Consent to Publish for Contributors to CESB19 and YRSB19 Proceedings

The Consent ensures that the CESB19 and YRSB19 Prague Organizers (local organizers and international convenors – iiSBE, CIB, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC) have the author’s permission to publish the Work.

  1. The Author, while retaining the ownership of the copyright, allows CESB19 and YRSB19 Prague Organizers to publish and reproduce the Contribution, for which this Consent to Publish has been awarded, in print and in electronic form, for any purpose related to the CESB19 and YRSB19 Prague conference and SB conference series.
  2. The Author retains the right to republish the Contribution in any printed publication, subject only to notifying the CESB19 and YRSB19 Prague Organizers of the intent to do so and ensuring that the publication by the CESB19 and YRSB19 Prague Organizers is properly credited.
  3. The Author takes full responsibility for the content of the Contribution and guarantees that the Contribution is original, has not been published previously, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that any necessary permission to quote from another source has been obtained.
  4. The Author respects that the presentation shall not be used as a means of selling the organization products or services.
  5. The Author declares that any person named as co-author of the Contribution is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named.