The main conference topics are:

Buildings and climate change
Design strategies for energy efficient and climate-friendly buildings, design optimization tools, integrated design approach, best practice case studies

Innovative use of materials and products in sustainable buildings
High-tech advanced and natural-based materials, sustainable production, and use of building materials

Systems for energy efficient and energy positive buildings 
Integration of advanced and alternative technologies improving sustainability of buildings

Decision-support tools and assessment methods for sustainable built environment
Building sustainability assessment methods, benchmarking and regional aspects, social, economic and environmental indicators of built environment, life cycle costing

Sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings
Examples of sustainable modernizations and refurbishments of existing buildings and districts, innovative retrofitting solutions, prefabrication in retrofitting of existing buildings

Sustainable urban development
Urban regeneration strategies and spatial planning practices responding to climate change, new technologies and local communities

Industrial heritage regeneration
Economically and environmentally effective adaptive reuse strategies, industrial heritage in context of urban regeneration, temporary reuse and regeneration initializing activities

Policy and public awareness
Dissemination of good practice, life-long education, public awareness, national and regional strategie